The learner-centered EPA-based assessment system to build your personal competency profile. 


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What prepared offers and why it is going to change the way you learn and teach.


Our aim:

We are providing joyful, individualized guidance for learners, supervisors and institutions to reach training goals efficiently by facilitating meaningful assessment of competence.


The problem we solve:

Many educational systems are inefficient causing frustration not only for the learners but for all stakeholders. Other systems are extremely time consuming and therefore not widely accepted.



Our solution:

prEPAred – the learner-centered assessment system - Focusing on:

  • Meaningful assessments

  • State-of-the-art educational concepts

  • Usability

  • Data safety (GDPR-standard)



Enabling self-directed learning by assessments for learning

Making the implementation of Programmatic Assessment and EPAs (=Entrustable Professional Activities) effortless. The quick and uncomplicated approach makes it easy to integrate the process in your regular workflow. Less redundancy – less waste of time! 


Learn how you can receive or give meaningful feedback with just a few clicks

1. Start a new rating

Right after a clinical encounter the trainee will initiate the rating process by selecting "New Assessment" on the home screen.

3. Connect with your supervisor

The prepared APP will create a unique QR code. By scanning the code, the supervisor is connected with the trainee for the duration of this rating. Both will now rate the complexity of the situation (simple or complex) and decide how much supervision the trainee would have needed.

The datapoints will be aggregated in the trainee’s personal competency profile.
With every rating the trainee’s profile contains more information about the professional progression. The trainee can choose to share the profile with her/his supervisor to get individualized teaching and supervision.

2. Choose the EPA

Every specialty, every profession consists of a set of specific tasks (EPAs). Based on these EPAs we are creating prEPAred versions.

During the rating process the trainee selects an EPA integrated in the specific version. 


Discovering the ePortfolio

In the Advanced version (for trainees) and the Pro version (for supervisors) the ePortfolio offers an unique feature which shows all the courses you have successfully passed and all the future courses you will need to complete in order to progress in your professional field. If provided by your institution the ePortfolio will also display the mandatory courses for your training period.

Wouldn't it be great to have all certificates of your congresses at one place and a function which will show you which courses are due to be repeated to maintain your qualification? Welcome to ePortfolio!

Coming soon: for an extra fee you can upgrade your prEPAred basic app to provide this very helpful feature.


How to get started?!

In order to be able to use the prepared assessment system at your workplace, your institution needs to partner with us. More about that in the next paragraph.

If your Institution already works with prepared, you are just a few clicks away from your own account: go to the APP or Play-Store, download the APP and setup an account. 
See in the short video how to get started:

Want to implement prepared at your institution?

We will help you to get started!

For many specialties we already have EPA catalogues available. In this case you will be ready to use prepared within seven days at your institution.
If an EPA catalogue for your specialty or profession is not yet available, we will help you with the process of defining one. Once we have this catalogue finished, it will take only one week to get you started.

We would love to get in touch with you to discuss how we can help you to use prepared at your institution. Please contact us at

prepared partners & testimonials

"I am really impressed by the possibilities of prepared to document EPA-based assessment!”

Prof. Dr. Reinier G. Hoff MD PhD, Utrecht

The prepared APP is successfully in use at several institutions

USZ Logo.png
Uni Zürich.png
University Hospital Zurich
Kantons Spital
University of

Since March 2019 the Anesthesia Department at the University Zurich is using prepared. It quickly became integral part of our daily teaching.

Trainees and supervisors in anesthesia and surgery are enthusiastically testing and using prepared since spring 2019.

Med-prepared, the medical student’s version of prepared, is being successfully tested by the University of Zurich for the undergraduate education as part of the Competitive Teaching Grant 2018.

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