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Competency-based medical education (CBME) is the new gold standard to achieve more effective and efficient medical care: Constant learning is important for every professional. Though broadly agreed upon, living CBME in the daily routine posed substantial challenges - until now, thanks to our apps preparedEPA and prepared360.

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preparedEPA: Quick and easy every-day assessments

Spend one minute to document an entrustable professional activity (EPA) with our app to build your personal competency profile

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prepared360: Focused multi-source feedback

Get meaningful feedback from your colleagues, who only see questions about you they can actually answer

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Competency-based education, easily snuggled into everyday clinic life

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We started working with EPAs using preparedEPA. Our trainees love the app for their training and use it regularly. Its daily use has significantly improved our feedback culture. Thanks to the app's intuitive, self-explanatory functionality, no training is required, and acceptance among employees is very high.

Henning Fischer
Henning Fischer, MD
Supervisor, Surgery, Lucerne, Switzerland
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I am really impressed by the possibilities of prepared to document EPA-based assessment!

Reinier G Hoff
Prof. Dr. Reinier G. Hoff MD PhD
Program Director, Anesthesiology, Utrecht, Netherlands
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Thank you very much, have just done the first supervision without problems. Amazing for me, shortly before my retirement to experience also in this field the progress of the communicative applications.

Heinz Urs Rieder, MD
Supervisor, Anesthesiology, Bern, Switzerland
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preparedEPA allows me to include good and targeted feedback into the daily work routine. As specific activities can be assessed, it often takes less than 5 minutes to discuss several EPAs with the supervisor. With this app, I can now get focused teaching, tailored to specific activities, and I can observe how my skills develop over time.

Alexander Mair
Alexander Mair, MD
Trainee, Anesthesiology, Zurich, Switzerland
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We love our profession. We learn and teach every day. To make sure everything is quick, fun, sustainable and well documented, we use preparedEPA for our assessments. Learning progress is well documented to enable tailored education. This is how learning and teaching in medicine works today!

Katrin Fasnacht
Katrin Fasnacht, MD
Supervisor, Pediatrics, Zurich, Switzerland
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I used preparedEPA this week-end with one of the chefs de clinique during a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. It was very easy to use and helpful for the feedback.

Olivier Pittet, MD
Olivier Pittet, MD
Program Director, Surgery, Rennaz, Switzerland

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