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What kind of information can I get from the preparedEPA profile?

Learn how to read the EPA profile

The color-coded preparedEPA competency profile contains a lot of useful information. Don’t worry. At the beginning, the abundance of information can be confusing. However, once you start working with preparedEPA, the profile will feel familiar very quickly.

The EPA Competency Profile contains the following information:

  • Each row shows a specific EPA
  • The left column shows assessment data for situations classified as "Simple";
    the right column shows assessment data for situations classified as "Complex".

Each EPA contains the following information:

  • The rectangle represents self-assessments. The number indicates the number of self-assessments for the EPA, and the color coding of the rectangle reflects the "Level of Supervision" according to the self-assessment.
  • The preparedEPA app works with the following color codes from light green (observe) to dark blue (supervise others).
  • The circles represent the assessments by the supervisor and show the "Level of Supervision" for this EPA. The numbers in the circles show the number of assessments received from supervisors for the specific EPA. The circle with a white border marks the current competence level.

The 5 circles represent the 5 assessment levels for EPAs (with increasing autonomy from left to right):

preparedEPA supervision levelsSupervise others (dark blue)
= Supervision provided by the trainee to more junior colleagues: trainee supervises a more junior trainee to execute the task

Distant supervision (blue)
= Execution by the trainee, the supervisor is not in the room. Supervisor needs to be actively involved by the trainee and is available within 20-30min

Indirect supervision (dark green)
= Execution by the trainee, the supervisor is scrubbed in and helps, answers questions, and assists if prompted (reactive supervision)

Direct supervision (green)
= Execution by the trainee. Trainee knows consecutive steps of procedure. Supervisor supports directly and proactively

Observe (light green)
= Trainee is scrubbed-in and assists actively. Does not operate him/herself