Share your data with supervisors, your institution, and others

Learn how you adjust your data protection settings, what the difference between that and sharing with your supervisor is, and why we highly recommend you sharing your data

Sharing your profile with a single supervisor

As a trainee, you can select which supervisor at your institution you want to share your profile with for how long. For that, tap on "share" on your home screen or on top of your EPA profile, and share with a supervisor. 

Data protection settings

As we value data protection, we give you full control over what happens with your data. In that, we differentiate between two types of data: the "content" data of preparedEPA, i.e. your assessment, profile and account data, and the "usage" data of preparedEPA, i.e. when the app is used for how long, from where etc. 

Both data types can either be analyzed anonymously on an aggregated manner, or traceable to you. And here, you can decide for each category if you want to share the data or not:



Here's why we highly recommend you to turn on all of them

Allowing us to process your data anonymously helps us further develop the app for you, either directly of by conducting research with the data. 

All data are used for your advantage: if your institution can see your data, they can better support you on your learning journey, and plan tasks for you that you are competent for. 

Also, please share your profile with as many of your supervisors as possible, so they can individually support you on your learning journey as well. Read the according FAQ in this section to learn how.

Data storage

The assessment data collected via preparedEPA belong to the trainees and are transmitted in encrypted form to a web server located in Switzerland. All data is therefore stored in Switzerland.

Access by our team

Only selected members of the prepared team have access to the data via 2-factor authentication.