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Get guidance on how to download, register to preparedEPA and log in for the first time


Download and install preparedEPA by scanning this QR code

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Create your account


Tap on Sign Up on the welcome screen. Enter a username with at least 6 characters, your first and last name, and your personal email address. And add a profile picture, if you like.

💡 You are opening an account for a companion for life. Thus, use your private/personal e-mail address to keep your progress even after switching institutions. You can add a profile picture, too, to make it even more yours.


Now, select the prepared version that represents your specialty. Bear with us here: following this, a few more fields will pop up based on your selection, squeezing into the screen above the "gender" field. Select your institution, and in the again popping up field, select your role

💡 If you select "supervisor" as your role, your institution administrator will automatically receive a request to confirm you as a supervisor. Your app will be in "waiting mode" until you are confirmed as a supervisor. Get more details

💡 If you want to support us and our research on preparedEPA by us, please help us by entering the start date of your role in the last pop-up field, your gender and year of birth. We were able to find very interesting insights thanks to that information before!  


Enter and confirm your password.

Data protection

Now, the fun part: data protection (we know our registration is tedious - here's the upside: you only ever have to do this once!). We value your data and want to make sure you know which data you share with whom. Therefore the long section on this.

The first two sliders concern you sharing your data with your institution.

💡 They will only be able to offer you personalized teaching if you do so - and we have customers who already rely on their trainees' EPA profiles when deciding who can do a procedure on their own!


Activating the second two sliders let us include your anonymized data in our research. Nobody can track them back to you.

💡 We strive to better understand competency-based education, and therefore want to be able to share such data either with your institution, or with reputable scientists outside our organization. Thanks for your support!

Just one more checkbox - our terms of use - missing, and you are ready to start your learning or teaching journey with preparedEPA. Welcome to our community! 🎉