View your trainees profiles and learning goals

How you keep track of your trainees’ progress by viewing their EPA profiles and learning goals

SV menuNavigate to the “trainees” section in your app.

There, you will find a list of your trainees who have shared their profile with you. If the section is empty or some are missing, ask your trainees to share their profile with you so you can better help them progress.

Tap on the name of your trainee. You will then see their EPA profile, where their competence becomes visible. The colored circles in each EPA box show their current level; the same color coding as in the assessments applies. Tap the “I” button for more explanation on how to read the profile.

Tapping on “learning goals” above the profile will lead you to their learning goals. This way, you can keep track of what your trainee is currently working on.

💡 If you do not see a learning goal you have suggested to them, ask them if they have moved it to “My Goals”. Once they do so, you will be able to see it here.