Perform your first assessment as trainee

Learn how to get right into the heart of preparedEPA and start making your competence visible by performing an assessment

Watch the video or read the description below:


Tap the “new assessment” button on the home screen to start the assessment process. Select the applicable EPA, and let your supervisor scan the QR code with his/her app.

If your supervisor is not available, or is not a confirmed supervisor yet, you can document a self-assessment instead.

Either way, choose whether you considered the situation you encountered as simple or complex (the “i” buttons give you some more information on how to assess it). Then, choose the level of supervision you think you would need if you would face the same situation tomorrow.

Doing a self-assessment, you can then document a learning goal for yourself. In a supervised assessment setting, your supervisor can suggest one to you instead. In both cases, you can add media files to enrich the memory of the learning goal.