Perform your first assessment as supervisor

See how to document your trainee’s competence and provide feedback with preparedEPA so you can see them progress

Tap the “Scan QR Code” button on the home screen to scan the QR code that is displayed in your trainee’s app.

Choose whether you considered the situation you observed your trainee in as simple or complex for them (the “i” buttons give you some more information on how to assess it). Then, choose the level of supervision you think your trainee would need if they would face the same situation tomorrow.

As soon as you both are finished, your assessments are displayed next to each other. Use this comparison to discuss potential differences between your and their perceptions.

Next, you are asked if you have time for a quick feedback. Tap “yes” to offer some advice and suggest a learning goal to your trainee.

If you are used to providing feedback, use the “freestyle verbal feedback conversation” option on the next screen, and record a learning goal for your trainee. If you are new to the supervisor role, use the guided feedback option after the assessment comparison screen in the app to receive valuable tipps and trick on how to give feedback.