Overview of preparedEPA for supervisors

Get acquainted with preparedEPA as a supervisor and get an overview of what you can find on the various screens

The home screen

From the home screen, you can scan a QR code from your trainee’s app to join their assessment using the button at the bottom. Use this button also to get access to a trainee’s EPA profile, if they show you a QR code for sharing.

Moreover, it includes your usage statistics, your ePortfolio where you can add and manage rotations and courses, your trainees’ curriculum with all EPAs featured in your version, and a export feature where you can export your ePortfolio.

Below the “Scan QR-Code” button, you can find the “QR Code”, “Trainees” and “Settings” sections. 

QR Code

In the “QR Code” menu, you can find the scan a QR code button from the home screen, and one to display your personal QR code. Use this code when giving feedback to a medical student on rotation (their preparedEPA version works slightly different from the regular ones).


All trainees who have shared their EPA profiles and learning goals will be listed here. Ask your trainees to share their profile with you, so you see their current competence levels and the learning goals they are working on.

Account settings

Here, you can edit your account information, change your password or email, and manage who you are sharing your EPA profile with. Also, access our FAQ, send us feedback or log out of your account (though we hope you do not have reason to do so).