Add a learning goal to your feedback

See how to create a learning goal for your trainee in preparedEPA, so you can help them track their progress

Find out how you can track your trainees' process

After the assessment comparison between you and your trainee, you are asked if you have time for a quick feedback. Tap “yes, let’s do this”, and then “freestyle verbal feedback conversation” to capture a learning goal. You can use the guided feedback function if you are new to giving feedback.

On the learning goal screen, type your suggestions or use the speech-to-text function to avoid tedious typing.

Add a multimedia file such as a picture, a video, or a PDF of a study to the learning goal to enrich the learning experience for your trainee. Please keep in mind that it is forbidden to capture patient-specific information in the app.

Tap “confirm” for your trainee to see your learning goal in their app under “Suggested learning goals”.

💡 Once your trainee moves it from there to “my goals”, you will be able to see it in your trainee’s profile under the “trainees” section of your app. If you do not see your trainee there, they have not shared their profile with you yet. Ask them to do so, so you can track their progress.