Features of the prEPAred assessment system

General info

There are three different levels of the prEPAred assessment system: basic, advanced and pro.

Each version comes with its unique features: basic version which covers all the essential functions and additional versions for trainees (advanced version) as well for the supervisors (pro-version) which can be purchased at the app-stores for additional fees (to be paid by the users).

prEPAred basic - for trainees and supervisors

prEPAred basic offers all functions needed for the intuitive documentation of workplace-based assessments. Its unique feature is the individual color-coded competency profile. With this, trainees can prove their level of autonomy to supervisors and supervisors can tailor their teaching and support to the actual needs of the trainee.

You will be able to receive feedbacks from your supervisors and organize these in your "learning goals" within the application. Once you have reached a learning goal, you can move it from "my learning goals" to the "archive". That will fertilize your professional progress.

The basic version of the prEPAred Assessment system runs on a browser-based user interface. In addition to this, the users can download the free basic version of the prEPAred app (available at the app-stores). 

prEPAred basic is free of cost for all users, but to be able to use this assessment system either your clinic, hospital or professional organization needs to be partner of us.

If you want to use prEPAred but you are unsure if there are any partnerships in your field - feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to help: info@prepared.app

prEPAred advanced - for trainees

This version is especially designed for the trainees and can be purchased at the app-store. It includes extra services like the ePortfolio which is a unique feature and is like a map for all the courses you have successfully passed and the future courses you need to complete in order to progress in your professional field. If provided by your institution the ePortfolio will also display the mandatory courses for your training period.

prEPAred pro - for supervisors

The pro version, dedicated to the supervisors, is also available at the app-store. Imagine how great it would be, to have all certificates of your congresses at one place, a function which will show you which courses are due to be repeated to maintain your qualification? Welcome to ePortfolio for supervisors! For an extra fee you can upgrade your prEPAred app to provide this extremely helpful feature.